It isn't your "fault" that you inherited the anchors of trauma, whether dormant or active.

There really is no one to blame. 

But you can be the one that takes responsibility to transform that trauma into wisdom that gets passed on to all the generations that come after you.




We all carry energy, memories and feelings/emotions connected to the experiences of our ancestors. It is part of being human, it is anchored in our DNA. 

We are a part of the energy web that makes up our family, and I believe that we chose these families and these lives and these lessons because we knew, from the perspective of our higher selves, that they would bring us the most learning and expansion. 

Whether these experiences and lessons are affecting you directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously, they play a part in your experiences in this life time. 

Some of the Ancestral Healing I have done have cleared beliefs around poverty and lack, betrayal and sexual abuse. I am currently working through some lingering karma around addiction and abandonment that I still see affecting various members of my family. 

I am not the hero, the victim, or the perpetrator. I am connected to all aspects of the energetic web of my family and I am choosing to be a part of releasing it from my life and those of my soul family. 

This offering is a 4 week deep dive into the patterns, wounds and beliefs of your soul family in order to transmute and release the negative impacts that it may be having on your current life experiences. 

Our ancestors and the choices and experiences they went through were for the benefit of the collective and we have the chance now to shift the wounds into powerful lessons and use that energy to support our expansion and evolution as opposed to hindering our journey. 



Is a part of your soul purpose to clear the energy of generations past, and prepare your family for the light beings that are coming in to the world now?

Are you ready to end unhealthy cycles and patterns in order to create powerful new awareness that will travel on to future generations?

Can you feel the calling of your Ancestors to enter into this temple space to connect with, heal, release, transmute and upgrade the ancient wisdom of your Lineage.

The journey starts on March 4th


Maybe you are wondering how this works? What does the process look like? What experience or pre-requisites are there? How will this impact my life? Why should I feel called to this work?

We exist as more than just our physical bodies. We have an energetic body, and emotional body, and a spiritual/etheric body. We receive inherited traits in all of these bodies from our ancestors, just like our physical DNA determines how our physical bodies develop. 

And just like we can create the best expression of our phsycial bodies, with the DNA we inherited...we can do the same in our non physical bodies as well.

We can work through the negative anchors, limiting beliefs, unconscious fears and restistance in order to express these lessons from a higher perspective.

Most people that I have met in this lifetime did not come into a lineage free of ancestral baggage. Especially those of us who are healers and light beings, because the soul evolution of this expression requires the fire of challenges to create and develop a true embodiment of divine.

During this 4 week process, we call in our ancestors, connect with them with the intention of releasing any negative anchors that flow through our family tree. We will meditate and journal and learn to trust our guidance from source. 

And we will release and clear the energy in order to evolve the vibration and awareness of our soul family. Through gratitude and respect, we will assist our ancestors in moving through the negative karma to connect to the highest expression of the experience...the soul level lesson...the divine purpose...the greater good of the journey.  

We will release any negative chords or anchors from the past and replace them with divine light and connection to our own empowered source energy.  

There are no pre-requisites to this work. You do not have to be a healer or an energy worker. You only have to come willing to open yourself to the process, with an intention to relesae family karma for yourself and your family. It will take moving beyond the monkey mind and trusting your soul.

This work will create powerful shifts in your life by releasing the unconscious patterns and beliefs that perpetuate suffering in this lifetime, for yourself, for your ancestors, for the future generations of your family. 



Human Consciousness is evolving and expanding and we stand in a space in time where we have more ability than ever before to heal and clear the energy and wounds of our ancestors, wounds that are traveling through our families.  

Here is the thing, we wouldn’t be where we are today if our ancestors hadn’t played their role in experiencing and learning through the challenges and hardships that created many of these wounds.  

It is our turn to honor the soul contract and step in to the role of clearing.  

We have the resources and the ability to clear the trauma and the pain from our lineage, for our ancestors, for ourselves and for our children.  

And this work isn’t just for your family, it plays a huge role in creating change, clearing for the collective and raising the vibration of humanity, as we release heavy energy that affects the planet. 

2 Levels of Investment

LEVEL 1 - Self Guided

Four Video Lessons

These live video feeds will explain what ancestral healing is, how it works and how to access, explore and connect with our ancestors to gain guidance and awareness. If you cannot make it for the live feed, the replay will be available to watch when it works for your schedule, includes life time access to the lessons, prompts, meditations and group support. These lessons will start from the beginning with general information on our various bodies, how our minds work, how to shift our energy and how to connect with our divine essence and honor our ancestors and move all the way through how to release and clear old karma and wounds. ($400 Value)

Weekly Journalling Prompts  

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools for accessing and processing deep unconscious wisdom and knowing. These prompts will help you to connect to your ancestors and to an awareness of what seeks to be healed. This will include guidance on how to journal from your highest self and how to allow the awareness to flow. 

Four Live Group Check-in Calls

We will connect as a group, to discuss experiences and awareness gained through the lessons, journaling and meditations, and to support each other. Healing is a group activitiy, and often times the healing shared from one creates ripples of awareness and healing in others present. ($400 Value)

Healing with the Ancestors Facebook Group

The group dynamic creates a safe temple space for us to share and process what comes up as we move through this journey. We are all journeying together and allowing deep and ancient wounds and beliefs to surface and be released. It can be an intense procss and it is so powerful to have a support system and a designated container for working through all the "feels" that come up as we dig deep into our timelines. 

Guided Meditations and Group Clearing Process

I will share generalized group meditations and clearning processes to walk through releasing the karma and wounds that are revealed through the teaching and journaling. This can be used over and over again for various awareness that comes up as you continue to grow and expand deeper and deeper within yourself. 

Level 1 INVESTMENT: $333!

LEVEL 2 - 1:1 Clearing

1:1 Virtual 90 Minute Session

Level 2 includes a private 1:1 session with me to personalize the healing for your family and the unique karma and wounds that seek to be healed. We will work together to connect specifically with your Ancestors and the clearing that they need. ($250 Value)

Private 1:1 sessions are only available to clients who purchase coaching packages at this point. This also gives you access to schedule future 1:1 sessions, not available to the general public. 

Ancestral Astrology Reading

Our natal charts give us powerful insights into the energy around our ancestors, our soul purpose and innate tools that we have to fulfill our life's work and our deep soul journies. After receiving an astrological reading from me, people often feel a deep sense of recollection and confirmtion of what they know from a soul level. ($250 Value)

Intuitively Chosen Crystal Set

Crystals are healers and helpers in our journeys inward. They resonate at frequencies that help to atune our bodies to new energy. I will intuitively select from my wide range of stones to choose stones that want to work with you through this journey. ($50+ value)

Level 2 INVESTMENT: $555!


I am a channel that brings a transmission of awakening to those that feel called to work with me. I simply trust in the Divine Light flowing through me and what it wants to bring to my audience, whether it is an individual or an auditorium full of people.  

I stumbled up on the work of healing with the Ancestors as I was on my own healing journey. I was doing deep soul work within my self and with my clients and session after session, ancestors kept showing up and asking for the healing. They found me! I asked for direction and guidance and received enthusiastic direction to offer this healing to the collective. 

I guide you to a connection with your ancestors and we assist them in releasing, upgrading and transmuting their experiences and wounds and then pass that healing light through your time line. 

This work clears energy from your lineage and from the collective, helping to heal the energetic roots in your own life and raising the vibration of humanity as a whole. 

Are you ready to be the point of change in your family? 

Are you ready to answer the call of your ancestors and bring them the healing they seek?

If you are feeling the pull, I welcome you to this work! 

A little about my personal philosophy. 

Infidelity, death, sexual assault, divorce, betrayal, and on and on and on.... I am now in a place where I am GRATEFUL for ALL OF IT! 

I know that my suffering is unique to me, but it is not "special" because it serves the same purpose that suffering does for everyone...TO WAKE US UP!  

Our suffering leads us to a place where we have to overcome or give up. Those of us that can't give up, grow and expand. Suffering is a gift from the Universe to show us where we are still disconnected from our Divine Essence and our Higher Selves and when we are ready to integrate this truth and dissolve our identity of victim, we connect to what we are as Divine Source Energy.  

We are meant to be expansive and empowered. If you feel this resonating within you, follow that feeling deeper within.  

Whether I am the extension of the Universe that gets to help you directly, or just the writer of the words that activate that awareness somewhere within, I am grateful that you are here.  

Thank you for showing up and bringing your magic into the world.